Benefits of Industry Institute Interaction


A. To Institute

  1. Greater resource generation.
  2. Improved quality of faculty.
  3. More relevant curriculum.
  4. Better Placement of students.
  5. Better utilization of expertise and facilitated industry.

B. To Industry

  1. It can have access to the latest technological and management developments.
  2. Industry can keep their workforce updated in terms of skills and knowledge through refresher courses and other training programmes conducted by the institutes.
  3. It is able to get fresh and well trained technical personnel.
  4. Industry can get their research work done through institutions and save cost of R&D.
  5. Reduction in recruiting costs. Cost effective productivity.
  6. Better communication with higher learning centre.
  7. Collaborative research opportunities.

C. To Faculty

  1. It gives good understanding of the industry and helps in building up of useful case studies for improving the quality of future teaching.
  2. It provides an ability to identify research programmes of industrial importance.

D. To Students

  1. Gaining real life experiences.
  2. Application of theoretical knowledge.
  3. Enhancement of oral and written skills.
  4. Decision making on career choice.
  5. Paid pre-employment (on-studies training).
  6. Gaining access to sophisticated instrumentation.
  7. Understanding the work culture of industries.

E. For Nation

  • Effective harnessing of the resources, talents and experience within the country.
  • Greater efforts at self-reliance and indigenousness.
  • Greater financial support to institutions and R&D organizations.
  • Greater employment of R&D personnel.
  • Generating sense of pride in the nations among Indians all over the world by providing excellent research findings.